Meslek Yüksekokulu (Ön Lisans)

Uygulamalı İngilizce ve Çevirmenlik

Program Öğrenim Çıktısı
PO 01 The students become familiar with the translation
PO 02 Learn about the background of English Literature
PO 03 Become Familiar with the languages and cultures
PO 04 Establish a background information about the history of translation
PO 05 Identify the terminology of translation
PO 06 Identify the differance between the translation and interpretation
PO 07 Become efficient in using dictionary
PO 08 Become efficient in using dictioanry and learns about the structures of languages
PO 09 Able to translate various topics from literature to law, economy to chemistry other technic Works and texts
PO 10 Can translate into other languages without corrupting the form and content in writtten texts
PO 11 can control the translated texts and make prof readings etc.
PO 12 Can make consecutive translation
PO 13 Can open his/her translation office
PO 14 Can teach english to primery school students
PO 15 Can teach english at private institutions
PO 16 Can work as a translator in various institutions, and periodicals
PO 17 Can translate or edit one his own
PO 18 Can find the mistakes in already translated texts
PO 19 Can improve his translation skills through practice
PO 20 Can use his communication skills during the interpretation in front of the crowded societies
PO 21 Can guide the tourists and the businessmen
PO 22 Acquire the knowledge of theoretical and practical knowledge about translation
PO 23 The succesful graduates are as good translators as the faculty graduates
PO 24 Students can work as a professional translators
PO 25 Students can become offical translator
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